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2 min readMar 30, 2021

March 30, 2021

Mount Vernon Forward Announces Campaign Team for City Council Primary: Professional Experience and Local Roots

Fresh off filing four times the number of petitions required to be on the June 22nd Democratic Primary ballot, the Mount Vernon Forward* coalition today announced the formation of its professional campaign team. The MV Forward campaign team combines decades of political campaigning experience with deep knowledge of the electorate and strong roots in the community - bringing commitment and expertise to the growing momentum behind candidates Ed Poteat, Cathlin Gleason, and Danielle Browne in the Mount Vernon Democratic Primary.

Leading the team is Campaign Manager Joseph Fordyce, a former Congressional aide and field operations manager for the triumphant campaign of Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard two years ago.

“I grew up in Mount Vernon and later watched as services and resources for the youth deteriorate over time,” said Fordyce. “I have been engaged with local politics for many years and have seen too much infighting and negative poli-tricks continue to hurt us as residents of Mount Vernon. I am excited to work with a group of people whose ideas can help revitalize the future of our city. After spending time listening and discussing issues about Mount Vernon with Danielle, Cathlin and Ed, I am inspired and confident they will bring the skill sets, experiences, professionalism, and planning our city can greatly benefit from as we move Mount Vernon forward.”

The Mount Vernon Forward campaign team also includes:

Leading New York political consulting firm Red Horse Strategies, experts in using data and targeting to maximize campaign efficiency while driving a winning message to our key target audience. Red Horse will lead research, mailing, targeting and strategic operations.

Westchester political communications firm Post Road Partners. Tom Watson, a Mount Vernon resident for 30 years and a veteran consultant on social justice issues, will serve as the campaign’s communications director.

Westchester-based executive and political consultant Priscilla Echi will add strategy and counsel to the campaign.

The MV Forward campaign team is already building an unprecedented field operation for a City Council primary, and assembling a large matrix of volunteers - with full scale plans for mailers, press outreach, digital marketing, and events. 
Prospective volunteers are urged to contact Campaign Manager Joseph Fordyce at 914-573-6347 or

* Note: MV Forward is not a political action committee and does not accept donations; it is a slogan created by a coalition of Mount Vernon residents. All campaign materials and associated costs are paid for by Friends of Danielle Browne, Cathlin 4 Council, and Friends of Ed Poteat.

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MV Forward is a citizens committee of concerned Democrats of many backgrounds from around the city, dedicated to building a better future for Mount Vernon.